Milpitas City Hall. (Photo credit: Dale Tan)  

Staffing Solutions

M-Group planners have the ability to get to work from day one helping cities plan for the future.

We are able to provide both short and long term staff to assist with peak work-loads and fill in for vacancies. Staffing Solutions vary widely by city, and includes: counter duty, processing small projects, project planning for large projects, executing special projects, performing research, writing staff reports, resolutions and ordinances. We understand the importance of communication and collaboration within the City. M-Group strives to build strong relationships both within the cities we work with and within the communities they serve.

M-Group is well suited to provide independent design review on a range of projects. Our breadth of experience in multiple disciplines and our history of working closely with cities are key to our ability to assess good design in architecture, urban design and public space.

We look forward to working with you and your city.


“M-Group staff were without exception a pleasure to work with and clearly committed to finding creative solutions to what had become difficult issues. They have been able to forge relationships within the community and establish themselves as a trustworthy and creative partner in city planning.”

- David A. Rabbitt, Sonoma County Supervisor, City of Petaluma Councilmember (former)